Enjoy and find beauty in small things.
Soft, round and imperfect shapes.
Be connected to the earth around us and enjoying the wilderness.

Leather Badge

Fish leather SALMON with a debossing


Recycled paper Hangtag 1: high embossing Hangtag 2: Embossing with glossy varnish Hangtag 3: Flock print

Recycled Leather Badge

Leather with debossing

Leather Badge

Fish leather WOLF FISH with a debossing

Woven label

Recycled polyester with a flock print


Flock transfer

Velvet transfer

Velvet with embossing


Recycled TPU with embossing


Recycled leather

Wool Badge

Felt in wool with embroidery

Heat Transfer

Embroidery transfer or HD transfer


TPU and string in recycled polyester