This concept is about approach the unknown with curiousity, explore new worlds and find new potential. Luxury can be discovered in overlooked places.

Ecofiber badge 260200203

Made with fibers from vegetable origin linked by PLA binding. The material is biodegradable and recyclable, raw materials without chemical binders.

Felt badge 201800068

Debossed badge in 100% GRS recycled pet. EU Origin of the material and production.

Felt badge 240300477

Felt with embroidery, material is recycled polyester

Felt badge 211500145

Felt with embroidery, material is recycled polyester.

Label 211500145

Ground lyocell with embroidery in viscose

Zippuller 250500104

Zip puller made in PU with wooden fibers, recycled polyester string.

Badge 270100105


Badge 250800243

Made in PU with wooden fibers.

Woven label

100% Tencel

Label 221000113


Badge 240100250

Material is recycled polyester.

Badge 260500173

GRS Recycled genuine leather.

Zippuller 260500172

GRS Recycled genuine leather.